Our English Classes are designed to address your needs. Choose your own and enjoy !

AIELE seeks to promote entrepreneurship as a way of stimulating job creation and economic growth in Senegal. AIELE offers training and other supports to new and aspiring entrepreneurs as they seek to launch and grow their business ventures. AIELE promotes youth entrepreneurship with schools in Thiès by providing


English as a Second Language

ESL course is designed for non-native speakers with basic, intermediate or advanced level language skills. The American Institute for English and Entrepreneurship will make it easy for you to become comfortable with English as your second language, and feel confident conversing in English during everyday situations.


Business English Course

Business English is geared toward executives and professionals with basic, intermediate or advanced level of English. This small group course is designed to help participants advance their executive English communication competence and succeed in today’s business world. Our focus during Business English training is to help participants improve a full range of communication skills in order to function more effectively at work.


Workplace English

We understand what it’s like to have to conduct business in the workplace using an unfamiliar language. That is why we have designed our Workplace English course for employees with limited to beginner’s knowledge of English with an emphasis on using the English language in the workplace.

  • Basic oral communication skills
  • Understanding directions and company information
  • Understanding work and safety procedures
  • Filling out workplace forms


Intensive English

Intensive English courses will help you to develop your communication skills including speaking, listening, reading and writing over a short period of time. There are courses preparing students for English exams such as the TOEFL, which are required for entry into university in USA.


Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction would help you to advance your career? Do you want to improve your American accent in the most effective way? Are you looking for customized accent training to address your specific accent reduction needs? Accent reduction incorporates the learning of language skills such as the sounds, stress patterns, rhythm, and intonation patterns of American English. This is a separate process from learning the grammar and vocabulary of American English and a key to improve your American accent.

At the American Institute for English and Entrepreneurship, our personalized one-on-one or small group Accent Reduction Course is the most effective and convenient way for busy professionals to improve their accent and advance their career.


English Conversation

Have you studied English but have trouble conversing naturally? Is it difficult for you to organize and communicate your thoughts in English quickly and clearly?

The English Conversation course is designed for intermediate to advanced English language level participants to help them learn how to organize their thoughts and converse in a more natural way.



We will improve their writing, speaking, reading and listening skills as well as their ability to communicate successfully.

We follow them closely and make sure their learning outcomes match those of their school programs, so they can improve their performances as well. The course is based on an integrated-skills approach with listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar components.


Our students are divided into levels.
AIELE’s provides a specific program based on in class language acquisition activities supplemented with an e-learning platform to meet your goals. We offer a wide range of courses and class levels in a small group setting under: low beginner, high beginner, low intermediate, or high intermediate. Advanced level students will have to prepare a mini-thesis of 25 to 30 pages with a subject of their choice related to work or studies’ interests. Our faculty members will assist and walk them throughout the whole process. They will present their mini-thesis in front of a jury of selected university professors for one hour. To receive a certification of fluency in English, our students are expected to pass the oral presentation in addition to their classroom performances, end of semester exams and attendance.